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The Brice C. Jones Blog
This is the blog of Brice C. Jones. His primary interests are: Papyrology; New Testament textual criticism; Greek and Coptic palaeography; and the Synoptic Gospels. 
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts Blog
The Center's blog features posts on all things dealing with NT Greek manuscripts and textual criticism.
Greek Language and Linguistics Blog
Michael Palmer's blog is a discussion about the application of Linguistics to the study of Hellenisitc Greek. 
Hypotyposeis Blog
This is Stephen C. Carlson's blog. It explores topics relating to Christian origins, especially from historical, literary, and philological perspectives. It often touches on issues concerning New Testament Greek, including linguistics and textual criticism. 
καὶ τὰ λοιπά
This is Daniel Streett's blog all about teaching Koine Greek as a living language, New Testament studies, καὶ τὰ λοιπά. 
Koine Greek: Studies in Greek Language and Linguistics
Mike Aubrey, the Greek Languages and Linguistics Moderator for B-Greek Forum, posts his thoughts and ideas on Hellenistic Greek. You can also like his Koine-Greek page on facebook.
Mondays with Mounce
Bill Mounce blogs every Monday (and sometimes other days) on interesting things about the Bible and how Greek helps us get at the meaning in a passage.
NT Discourse
Steve Runge’s blog concentrates on discourse grammar and the New Testament.
NT Resources
Dr. Rod Decker passed away in May 2014. His blog is now being maintained by Dr. Wayne Slusser. See his "Resources" page for a number of helpful links.
The Patrologist
Seumas Macdonald posts here on things related to Greek, Latin and Patristics. There are some really interesting resources such as Greek audio files, exegetical notes, and a Greek reader according to the “natural method.”


B-Greek Forum
The Biblical Greek Forum has a wealth of resources for students and teachers of Koine Greek. Registration, which is free, is required to post/reply. For pre-1998 archives, click here.
Evangelical Textual Criticism
This is a forum for people with knowledge of the Bible in its original languages to discuss its manuscripts and textual history from the perspective of historic evangelical theology.  

Resource Websites

Bryan College Library: Greek Resources Page
This website is a treasure trove of Greek resources. You might also want to check out the main Bible Study Resources Page
Daily Dose of Greek: Resources
Daily Dose of Greek is a site by Dr. Rob Plummer of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary that has as its goal helping people keep their Greek. This page has a number of helpful links for studying NT Greek.
Exegetical Tools Quarterly
This Quarterly is a unique resource among a variety of similar publications. Most peer-reviewed journals include mostly articles with book reviews appended to the back. Some journals are just a collection of popular-level essays, maybe with some book reviews. This site also features their blog, which is updated regularly.
Katerina Sarri Webtopos
Katerina Sarri is a Greek Pianist who has numerous links and resources on Greek culture, history, and language.
Textkit: Greek and Latin Learning Tools
This website has numerous resources for learning Greek and Latin. "Textkit began in late 2001 as a project to develop free of charge downloads of Greek and Latin grammars, readers and answer keys. We offer a large library of over 180 of the very best Greek and Latin textkbooks on our Ancient Greek and Latin Learning pages. . . . Our grammars, readers and keys are public domain textkbooks which Textkit has converted."
The New Testament Gateway
According to the site, NT Gateway is a "directory of academic internet resources on the New Testament, hosted by Logos Bible Software and edited by Mark Goodacre." There, you can "Browse or search annotated links on everything connected with the academic study of the New Testament and Christian Origins."
Resources for New Testament Exegesis
Dr. Roy E. Ciampa, Professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, has developed this website with numerous links to various tools for NT research including bibliographies and charts for many topics such as NT textual criticism, early Jewish literature, the use of the OT in the NT, and the LXX.


Hellenic American Union Podcast
This is a modern Greek podcast, entirely in Greek, with 80 episodes and transcripts for each one. The episodes include short dialogues which have a lot of vocabulary in them and there are also some lessons about life in Greece in general.
SBS Greek Podcast
This is a podcast, entirely in Greek, with episodes from a Australian program.

Audio and Video Recordings

Aforetaste John 1 Reading
This is a YouTube video reading of John 1.
Alfabeto Griego Clásico
This is a PowerPoint video of the Greek alphabet with a pronunciation guide in Spanish.
Bill Mounce YouTube
Bill Mounce currently has twelve YouTube videos. Topics include the Greek alphabet, how to install flashworks, etc.
This website has various resources related to the Byzantine text of the NT, including audio of Maurice Robinson reading from the Robinson-Pierpont GNT (2005). This is an excellent recording because he reads slowly and consistently. PDFs of the Robinson-Pierpont GNT are also available in this website, so you can read along with Dr. Robinson.
Danny Zacharias YouTube
Bright colors and sharp videos are a mark of Zacharias' tutorials. There are quite a few topics, which include Greek word order and how to write the Greek alphabet.
Institute of Biblical Greek YouTube
John Schwandt posts videos and tips for learning the language through general patterns rather than rote paradigms. He also promotes conversational approaches.
John Simon's Greek and Latin Audio
This website is home to a complete reading of the Greek New Testament. It also includes the Latin NT and a few books of the Hebrew OT.
Ken Berding's Greek Class Sing-Along
Ken Berding's Greek class at Biola University sings the New Testament Greek paradigms.
Ken Berding's Sing and Learn New Testament Greek
This resource contains a CD with eleven songs and a PowerPoint with paradigm charts for classroom use. It also contains a booklet with the same paradigm charts for students' personal use. The material is designed to give students a way for learning (and remembering!) New Testament Greek grammar forms through simple songs.
Ken Schenck's Greek Videos
Ken has some excellent online instruction in his Greek videos, which can be found here on his blog. (Notice that he also has a set of videos under the category "Greek for Ministry.") You can also find his material on his YouTube page.
Let's Read Greek (Additional Readings of the GNT)
Louis Sorenson has an annotated directory of online audio recordings of the Greek New Testament here. Some of the links are dead, but many are not, and he evaluates various facets of the recordings.
Let's Read Greek Songs in Koine
The songs and hymns listed on this page have been translated into the Koine (New Testament Greek dialect and vocabulary) with the intent of helping students internalize their Greek. Where possible, the passages referred to in the song have been consulted in the Greek (both the OT Septuagint and NT) and the vocabulary and phraseology have been kept as close to the original texts as possible. 
Marilyn Phemister's Audio GNT
The files for this reading of the GNT are available on Internet Archive.
Michael Halcomb's YouTube
This link takes you to Halcombe's YouTube page (directly to the Greek videos), which includes a Greek course and reviews. 
Perrin's Greek for Children Alphabet Song
This alphabet song is a supplement to Classical Academic Press' Greek for Children Primer A by Christopher Perrin.
Ted Hildebrandt's Greek Videos
Hildebrandt has made these Greek videos available online for free. There are 28 units and they can easily supplement whatever aspect of beginning Greek grammar a student is studying or reviewing. The mp3's can be downloaded here, as well as recordings of vocabulary for the Mastering New Testament Greek textbook and readings of 1John. 
The Singing Grammarian
The subtitle of this material is "Songs and Visual Presentations for Learning New Testament Greek Grammar." H. Daniel Zacharias has produced the .mov files to help all students learn their New Testament Greek. Song titles include: The Greek Alphabet song, First Declension song, Second Declension song, Third Declension song, Definite Article song, Present Active Indicative song, Present Middle/Passive song, Future Active and Middle song, Secondary Endings (Imperfect) song, Aorist Active and Middle song, Liquid Verbs song, Passive System song, (Plu)Perfect song, Imperative song, Subjunctive song, Infinitives song, and Participles song. It is available through Kregel.