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Biblical Greek Alphabet
A flash card set that contains 59 cards with the Biblical Greek alphabet in lowercase and uppercase, including diacritical marks and punctuation marks. Set comes with a Greek alphabet chart.
CrossWire Flashcards
This is a simple tool to help with vocabulary acquisition and memorization. The package includes a quizzer and lesson editor.
Ginosko Flashcards
This program contains all the words and definitions from Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek. They are organized into decks corresponding to the book chapters. It keeps track of users' progress and organizes the words into categorized decks based on how well they know each word.
Perrin's Greek for Children Flashcards
These flash cards are keyed to Classical Academic Press' Greek for Children Primer A by Christopher Perrin. The English sides are located here
QUIA Flashcards and More
This site contains a number of different flashcards and games for learning New Testament Greek vocabulary. 
Teknia FlashWorks 4.5.1
Flashworks is a vocabulary drilling program. Words are tagged for difficulty, type, chapter, and frequency in the New Testament. There are other settings that make this a valuable resource for students using Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek.
The Little Greek
A frequent poster on B-Greek forum, Jonathan Robie, provides this Greek website on learning Greek and helpful resources.  His online Greek textbook (in progress) is found here.
Wordbase Greek
Wordbase Greek is a program designed to help anyone interested in ancient Greek. It runs on any operating system, provided the NET Framework is installed. It contains a Greek-English dictionary with New Testament words. It is delivered with several glossaries to be used in the flashcard section.

Android Apps

Optiqal New Testament Greek Vocabulary Trainer
The app features nearly 800 words which comprises 89% of the written text. (The remaining 11% is comprised primarily of names which are easy to read once you learn the vocabulary). The app is divided into 8 lessons which are sorted by word frequency. Lesson I covers the most basic words and Lesson VIII the most difficult. Each lesson saves it's own progress so when you exit and come back, you start learning right where you left off.
TOLD Greek Bible
"TOLD Greek Bible displays the Greek New Testament with color coded morphology.The color coding allows the reader to quickly see associated words in the Greek text." It uses the SBL GNT. You can view the following info for each word: the lemma (the root word), the part of speech, the morphology, and the English definition from Strong's Exhaustive Greek Concordance.

Apple Apps

Basics of Biblical Greek
Zondervan recently released a vocabulary app that includes all of the major grammars currently used in seminaries: Basics of Biblical Greek, Learn to Read New Testament Greek, New Testament Greek for Beginners, The Elements of New Testament Greek, A Primer of Biblical Greek, and Learn New Testament Greek. The app is sold for $19.99. They also have an accompanying Hebrew vocabulary app that can be found here.
Bell's Greek Alphabet QuickRef
Ronald Bell's Greek Alphabet QuickRef is a free Greek Alphabet reference tool, which allows you to browse the full set of Greek Alphabet characters.
Bell's Greek Daily Word
Receive a new Greek word and definition every day with this app (free).
BH Greek Flashcards
Here is a Modern Greek flash card app.
Bible Vocab
A trial version of this app is available at no cost. The full version is only $3.99. The app includes vocabulary for the Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament. The vocabulary is organized according to biblical passage. Lists can be created and studied according to the biblical passage(s) you are translating/studying.
BitKnights Greek-English Dictionary
This is a Modern Greek dictionary.  
Daily Dose of Greek
Rob Plummer's popular website and Greek videos now can be accessed by iphone. This is a great way to keep up with your hard-won Greek skills!
Elky Greek in a Month
This is a Modern Greek introduction app. The iPad version is available here. They are both free.
Finucane Greek-Enlgish Lexicon
This app by David Finucane uses the Liddell-Scott 1924 edition. 
Flαsh Grεεk Mounce Edition
Danny Zacharias has designed this flashcard app for Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek. The cost is $5.99. 
Flαsh Grεεk Pro Edition
Danny Zacharias has included all the words in the Greek New Testament with this app and made it compatible with all the introductory grammars in his other editions. You can study by frequency or by root. There is also a special Principal Parts mode where intermediate students can drill themselves on principal parts. The cost is $9.99.
Greek First Words Book and Kids Puzzles Box
This is a children's app for learning Modern Greek. 
Guang Zhang Greek and Hebrew Study Bible
The screenshots of this app show an interlinear format for reading the Greek New Testament.
Danny Zacharias has provided an excellent app that covers all the major grammatical paradigms. The app costs $3.99. You can read a review of the app by Brian LePort over at Near Emmaus.
iThinkDiff Greek Dictionary
Greek Dictionary is a bidirectional dictionary. You can search both Greek & English words only by changing keyboard. The app also features vocabulary games. The free version is available here.
Levitate Greek Alphabet Flip
This app consists of Greek alphabet flash cards with a right/wrong quiz.
Pαrsε Grεεκ
Danny Zacharias designed this app to help students of New Testament Greek with parsing. The app quizzes them on the parsing of verbs, nouns, adjectives, and pronouns. The app includes 8,700+ forms, all taken directly from the Greek New Testament. You can watch a video about the app here.
Pαrsε Grεεκ LITE
This is a fully functional version of ParseGreek except it contains a smaller database of 2,900 forms (the full version contains 8,800+ forms). You can watch a video about the app here.
photoKandy Greek Interlinear Bible
The interlinear app uses either the KJV or Young's Literal Translation.
Pinch Village Greek Talk
This app has games and other helps for learning Modern Greek. 
Sand Apps Grεεk Bible Dictionary
You can access over 5,200 Greek words used in the Bible with 40 Bibles and 15 major commentaries. Find the meanings, Strong's numbers, part of speech, and English transliteration. You can also link from one word to ones with a similar meaning.
Although this flashcard app costs $4.99, it is one of the best on the market. The app includes vocabulary for my own Learn to Read New Testament Greek, Duff's Elements of New Testament Greek, Machen and McCartney's New Testament for Beginners, and Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek. Also included are seven Hebrew grammars. Furthermore, users are capable of customizing drilling according to frequency, verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, and particles. Finally, you are able to exclude words that you have learned from the drill session.
Yummy Yummy Greek School Learn the Alphabet
This is a Modern Greek app for the Greek alphabet.
Yummy Yummy More Modern Greek Basics
This is the second volume to the Greek School Series. 


Online Bible Software

Recommended Online GNTs with Parsing Helps
My assistant, Noah Kelley, has a blog post with three of his favorite online GNTs in which he lists their strengths and weaknesses.
BibleArc is a free online resource developed by Bethlehem College and Seminary. It has a number of different Bibles in the original languages (Hebrew OT, Greek OT, Greek NT and Hebrew NT) and various translations in various languages (several English, French, German, and Spanish translations). It also contains some helps for diagramming and some discourse analysis-type resources.
HTML Bible
John Hurt’s parallel Greek New Testament package includes several Greek New Testament’s (Stephens 1550, Scrivener 1894, Byzantine-Majority, Westcott-Hort). The cost is $8.00 but it allows you to work without an Internet connection since it is a download. However, you can also read it online.
STEP Bible from Tyndale House, Cambridge
This resource is available for online viewing and free download. It allows the user to view translations side by side, hover over words for lexical information (including extrabiblical word usage), view different editions of the GNT side by side with differences highlighted, create word clouds, do thematic searches, etc. A very useful resource!
The Bible Tool
This is an online, searchable Bible database created by CrossWire Bible Society, SBL, and the American Bible Society. 

Free Bible Software

This software supports single/parallel view, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, etc.
This is a Bible study application that runs on Linux/Unix and Windows featuring a window layout.  
This Bible software features a number of different Bibles, commentaries, and other books, and it operates on both Windows and Linux. It is available in English, Chinese, German, Hungarian, and Vietnamese.
This is a free Bible software program with a number of good translations and other tools, all of which are free (public domain or used with permission). is a site where E-Sword users provide support and share resources for E-Sword.
HTML Bible
John Hurt’s parallel Greek New Testament package includes several Greek New Testament’s (Stephens 1550, Scrivener 1894, Byzantine-Majority, Westcott-Hort). The cost is $8.00 but it allows you to work without an Internet connection since it is a download. However, you can also read it online.
This is the Mac X version E-Sword.
STEP Bible from Tyndale House, Cambridge
This resource is available for online viewing and free download. It allows the user to view translations side by side, hover over words for lexical information (including extrabiblical word usage), view different editions of the GNT side by side with differences highlighted, create word clouds, do thematic searches, etc. A very useful resource!
The Sword Project for Windows
This is a full-featured Bible study package for all students of God’s Word.
This runs on Linux, Windows (2000 and up), Solaris, and all BSDs. The software has integration capabilities.

Bible Software that Costs Money
If you are looking to spend some money on a powerful Bible software program, then your biggest contenders are Accordance and Logos (BibleWorks was a third popular program but has gone under).
  • For reviews of Accordance 12, see here.
  • For a comparison from a former Accordance user who switched to Logos, see here.
  • For a good overview of Bible software options (though from 2016, so a little dated), see here.
  • For a comparison between Logos and Accordance that assesses each one's advantages (from 2018), see here.
  • For an enthusiastic (though not impartial) review of Logos 8 (from 2018) see here.
  • Finally, Abram K-J also has a helpful post comparing the "big three" that, while it is somewhat dated (2012), gives some good advice regarding the kind of questions to ask when purchasing Bible software.

This is a high-end original languages Bible software program for biblical exegesis and research. It comes with Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles for your computer, as well as translations in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and many more. Accordance also has a YouTube page here with videos on topics like vocabulary acquisition and sentence diagramming.
This is another high-end Bible software that partners with more than 130 publishers to make more than 21,000 electronic Bible study resources available to customers around the world. Their technology is used in more than 180 countries in a dozen languages.

Fonts: Unicode

A Very Brief Introduction to Unicode:
Your computer uses fonts so that you can chose how it will portray the letters in your word processor. You can trick your computer with fonts to display Greek letters using fonts such as Teknia. However, your computer is actually still writing in English letters, so if you email your paper to someone who doesn't have the same font installed on their computer, all they will see is scrambled up English letters rather than Greek text.
Here is where unicode comes in. Unicode is a standard way of typing the various letters of most languages. All computers (Mac and PC) and all programs should be capable of reading characters entered in unicode. This is because when you use unicode, you actually equip your computer to write in Greek, rather than just covering over the English letters with a font that makes them look like Greek letters. This means that you can seamlessly transfer from Microsoft Word to email, blogs, social media, and any other program you use.
Decker, Rodney. "What a Biblical Scholar Should Know about Unicode"
This is a helpful primer if you want a more detailed introduction to the world of unicode fonts for biblical studies. It includes a discussion of how to type various text-critical symbols.
How to Type in Greek in Windows 10
This document gives instructions for enabling your PC to type in Greek using unicode. It is specific to Windows 10 and contains a keyboard layout showing where all the Greek letters are located and how to type all of the accents and punctuation needed for koine Greek. If you get stuck, you can also go here for an excellent guide to installing foreign language capabilities on Windows 10
Macintosh Language Keyboards
This website gives instructions for enabling your PC to type in foreign languages using unicode. (See also here.) Simply follow these instructions and select Greek as the input source to add.
Adding Greek and Hebrew Keyboards on Mac
This YouTube video gives step-by-step instructions for installing biblical language keyboards on a Mac.

Other Tutorials and Webpages

Russell Cottrell's Unicode Page
On this page, viewers can find out more about Unicode, including some helpful links. 
SIL Unicode Page
A page of the Summer Institute of Linguistics devoted to all things Unicode. 

Unicode Software Tools

Randy Hoyt provides software tool that converts text from a standard keyboard into Greek characters as you type in real-time. Read the notes in the "Alphabet Key" on how to make necessary diacritical marks.
Unicode Classical Greek Inputter
A software tool provided by the University of Oxford that allows users to type in Greek. There is a very easy-to-use keyboard selection also for highlighting letters with diacritical marks, etc. 


This font is available at the BibleWorks website. Users you can download a complete keyboard map for both the Greek and Hebrew for both Mac and PC.
BST Greek Font offers this Greek font. 
SBL Fonts Forum
SBL hosts this forum in order to exchange ideas, discuss issues, and recommend changes regarding its fonts.
SBL Greek
This font is available at SBL's website and is featured in the SBL Greek New Testament.
SIL Fonts
This is the page that contains all the SIL fonts and all discussions pertaining their fonts and Unicode in general.  
This is the Mounce Greek font, which follows the same keyboard layout for Mac and Windows users. 
Unicode Greek Fonts
Russell Cottrell has one-stop shop for a number of different Unicode fonts, including his own design (Aristarcoj).  
University College-London Fonts
This site provides a number of different fonts, Windows-compatible, Unicode, and Polytonic.  
WordPerfect Language Assistants
This software allows Word Perfect users to type in Greek.  


Greek to Transliteration

This app transliterates Greek text according to SBL guidelines.


This is a software tool provided by Logos that converts Unicode Greek to its appropriate transliterated form.