It's Still Greek to Me: An Easy-to-Understand Guide to Intermediate Greek
In this book I've tried to write an easy-to-use guide to intermediate Greek. I apologize in advance for all the nurdy jokes.

Reviews (from Amazon):
“Once a student finishes the first year of Biblical Greek, there are three ‘Intermediate’ grammars that should be read: Dan Wallace’s ‘Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics’, Dana and Mantey, and this book by David Alan Black. Without any question, you should read Black's book first. First of all, ‘It's Still Greek to Me’ is just plain fun to read (which is not something that can be said of very many grammar books!). Yet, all the wit and excellent writing are not merely to entertain - but reveal Prof. Black as a genuine master teacher who makes NT Greek grammar not only clear but memorable. For students who are just finishing their first year of Greek, this book should be started as soon as you turn in your last paper for the semester - and definitely before you begin your second year of Greek or your first NT exegesis course. . . . Highly recommended.”

“I had Dave Black for elementary Greek and used his ‘Learn to Read New Testament Greek.’ I took another professor for intermediate Greek, and we used Dan Wallace's book. I bought this anyway, and couldn't be more grateful. The material is much the same, but the explanations are much more comprehensible. Black can cover in 3-4 pages what Wallace would in 20-30, and you actually understand what you are dealing with. Furthermore, Black doesn't beat you in the head with over the top technicalities. Bottom line, while there may be other grammars which are helpful, this is the book that opened my understanding of intermediate Greek and enabled me to succeed in the class.”