Greek Exegesis

Using New Testament Greek in Ministry: A Practical Guide for Students and Pastors
In this book I walk you through using your knowledge of New Testament Greek in exegesis. Whether you are fresh out of your introductory Greek courses or have not touched your Greek New Testament since seminary, this book will help you use the language in teaching preparation.

Reviews (from Amazon):
“David Black has such a pastoral heart and it shows in all his writings. He makes Greek come to life and drives in the purpose behind it.”

“This is a very short, practical, down to earth and concise guide to exegesis. You can read this book through in one hour. It begins (ch1) with what the book is about and how Greek can enhance the sermons or study for the pastor or student at work then it proceeds (ch2) to selecting the right tools for doing exegesis e.g. which commentaries to use, using the computer, background studies etc. then we go to the heart of the book in chapters 3 and 4 a very practical how to on doing exegesis, these two chapters are the best part of the book in my opinion. The final chapter in the book is VERY short. It’s a guideline for you to use when doing your own exegesis. For people like me who don't always have a lot of time this book is really handy and excellent resource.”