Learn to Read New Testament Greek

This is a link to my introductory Greek Grammar, Learn to Read New Testament Greek.

Lear to Read NT Grammar


An academic staple updated for the first time in fifteen years, David Alan Black's user-friendly introduction to New Testament Greek keeps discussion of grammar as non-technical as possible. The simplified explanations, basic vocabularies, and abundant exercises are designed to prepare the student for subsequent practical courses in exegesis, while the linguistic emphasis lays the groundwork for later courses in grammar. Revisions to this third edition include updated discussions and scholarship, further back matter vocabulary references, and additional appendices.

You can find a detailed review of my grammar at The Christian Reviewer.

Paul Himes compares and contrasts my beginning grammar with three others here on his blog.

Here are some other reviews (from Amazon):

"For anyone who is trying to learn Greek but is not already a linguistics expert this book is written for you. It divides the language into easy to swallow lessons that gradually brings you through an introductory course."

"David Alan Black has provided us with an introductory grammar that is a model of clarity. This NT Greek grammar is reasonably concise and yet always provides sufficient information for the student to grasp the matter at hand. Compared to 'The Basics of Biblical Greek', this grammar does a better job of introducing the student to the syntax (on an elementary level) of the New Testament with clearer explanations of grammatical terminology. . . . This is a 'must have' resource for first year Koine Greek students - and is well worth a second look by instructors who have chosen other texts."

"Throughout his book, Black came across as a master-teacher making the path as easy as possible for his students to travel."

Here are several helpful resources pertaining to my introductory grammar:

First, there are numerous vocabulary helps available. These include:

A PowerPoint flashcard program using Bible Works vocabulary links. The vocabulary for my grammar is ready for download as .pdf and .ppt files.

Jacob Cerone's Quizlet page, which has a set of flash cards for my beginning Greek grammar.

Anki flashcards are designed to space out your review based on how well you recognize the vocabulary words. The pre-made decks of cards for my grammar can be downloaded and used with the Anki app.
A complete list of vocabulary for all my Greek classes, also developed by Jacob Cerone. This includes the vocabulary for my Learn to Read New Testament Greek (Greek 1 & 2), Metzger's vocabulary (Greek Syntax and Exegesis), Philippians (Intermediate Exegesis), and LXX. Click here for the .zip file. These flashcards can be loaded onto the Vocab Pro application for iPod, iPhone, iPad. For a detailed explanation on how to install the vocabulary files to your Apple device and additional vocabulary files, go here.

A list of vocabulary from chapters 1-13 organized by parts of speech, compiled by the folks at Friendly Avenue Baptist Church.

A list of vocabulary from chapters 3-15 organized by chapters, compiled by my assistant Rodolfo Giantaglia.

Audio for the Greek vocabulary from lessons 1-7 (excluding chapter 2). Chapter 1; Chapter 3; Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Chapter 6; and Chapter 7.

There is a parsing guide for all the exercises in my Learn to Read New Testament Greek developed by Jacob Cerone.

There is a document with charts of paradigms and concepts from chapters 1-13 compiled by the folks at Friendly Avenue Baptist Church and from chapters 14-15 compiled by my assistant Rodolfo Giantaglia.

There is a cheat sheet for the imperfect and aorist endings from chapter 7 from my Learn to Read New Testament Greek.

Another resource is a workbook with supplemental exercises that includes "1300 Greek to English/English to Greek sentences, more than 700 drilling exercises to reinforce the foundational principles of Greek grammar, and many other helpful learning resources for introductory Greek students."
There is a worksheet with extra questions that will give you practice with some of the concepts in my grammar.
There is a group of online classes that use my grammar. These are excellent resources as you can watch several different people teach through the material in my book (especially if you get stuck).
Finally, if you are looking for a Greek New Testament and not sure what your options are, my former assistant, Noah Kelley, has compiled this list with a brief description of each. Links are included.
Spanish Edition of Learn to Read New Testament Greek

This is a link to my introductory Greek Grammar in Spanish, Aprenda a Leer el Griego del Nuevo Testamento.It is also available in Google Play and iBooks formats.

Il Griego


Un gran recurso disponible actualizado por primera vez en espanol, esta gramatica introductoria escrita por David Alan Black es facil de usar. Se mantiene la discusion de la gramatica lo mas basica posible. Las explicaciones son simplificadas, y se incluye los vocabularios basicos. Tiene muchos ejercicios que estan disenados para preparar al estudiante para los cursos practicos subsiguientes en la exegesis, mientras que el enfasis linguistica sienta las bases para cursos posteriores en la gramatica. Si quieres estudiar el Nuevo Testamento con un nuevo enfoque y profundidad, este libro te ayudara en gran manera



Jacob Cerone's Quizlet page has a set of flash cards for the Spanish version of my beginning Greek grammar.

Mandarin Edition of Learn to Read New Testament Greek

This is a link to the Mandarin Chinese translation of my introductory Greek Grammar.

Learn to Read NT Greek Mandarin



Greek DVDs
This 24 DVD set records me teaching New Testament Greek using my introductory Greek grammar. The classes were taught in English even though they were recorded before a live audience in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.