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Biblical Greek Alphabet
A flash card set that contains 59 cards with the Biblical Greek alphabet in lowercase and uppercase, including diacritical marks and punctuation marks. Set comes with a Greek alphabet chart.
CrossWire Flashcards
This is a simple tool to help with vocabulary acquisition and memorization. The package includes a quizzer and lesson editor.
Ginosko Flashcards
This program contains all the words and definitions from Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek. They are organized into decks corresponding to the book chapters. It keeps track of users' progress and organizes the words into categorized decks based on how well they know each word.
Perrin's Greek for Children Flashcards
These flash cards are keyed to Classical Academic Press' Greek for Children Primer A by Christopher Perrin. The English sides are located here
QUIA Flashcards and More
This site contains a number of different flashcards and games for learning New Testament Greek vocabulary. 
Teknia FlashWorks 4.5.1
Flashworks is a vocabulary drilling program. Words are tagged for difficulty, type, chapter, and frequency in the New Testament. There are other settings that make this a valuable resource for students using Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek.
The Little Greek
A frequent poster on B-Greek forum, Jonathan Robie, provides this Greek website on learning Greek and helpful resources.  His online Greek textbook (in progress) is found here.
Wordbase Greek
Wordbase Greek is a program designed to help anyone interested in ancient Greek. It runs on any operating system, provided the NET Framework is installed. It contains a Greek-English dictionary with New Testament words. It is delivered with several glossaries to be used in the flashcard section.

Handouts Online

Aschmann's New Testament Greek Charts
This fifty page document contains charts for: pronunciation, vowels and dipthongs, accents, nouns, verbs, etc.
Craig Ledbetter's Introduction to New Testament Greek Course Handout
This packet contains different charts for introductory Greek grammar.  
This website hosts LSU's Greek course handouts. Look through the entire page. There are some useful handouts and PowerPoints (ex., one on how to write the Greek alphabet).
Fundamentals of New Testament Greek Adjective Charts
These adjective charts correspond to Porter, Reed, and O'Donnell's Fundamentals of New Testament Greek
Fundamentals of New Testament Greek Noun Charts
These noun charts correspond to Porter, Reed, and O'Donnell's Fundamentals of New Testament Greek.
Fundamentals of New Testament Greek Participle Charts
These participle charts correspond to Porter, Reed, and O'Donnell's Fundamentals of New Testament Greek
Fundamentals of New Testament Greek Pronoun Charts
These pronoun charts correspond to Porter, Reed, and O'Donnell's Fundamentals of New Testament Greek.
Fundamentals of New Testament Greek Verb Charts
These verb charts correspond to Porter, Reed, and O'Donnell's Fundamentals of New Testament Greek.
G. Brooke Lester's New Testament Greek Frequency List
Lester offers this list of Greek vocabulary based on its frequency in the New Testament.  
This page is devoted to Modern Greek. It includes various handouts in .pdf format on a number of topics. 
Helma Dik's Paradigm Handouts
Helma Dik and The Department of Classics at the University of Chicago makes these handouts available online.
Lyle Story's Free Greek Powerpoints
Lyle Story provides various PowerPoint teaching aids on his personal website. They contain three elements: 1) parsing practice, 2) simple short sentences, 3) biblical examples of the particular content areas. The material can be coordinated with any textbook that Greek instructors use with their students. The files are .jpeg and don't require special fonts.
Philemon Zachariou's Timetable of the Greek Langauge
This is a visual aid attempting to help students understand the development of the Greek language from 2000 B.C. to A.D. 2000.  
Rodney Decker's Weekly Vocab List
This document contains all of the words that occur 50 times or more in the GNT (328 words). They are sorted by chapter corresponding to Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek.
Rodney Decker's Intermediate Vocab List
This document contains all of the words that occur 27 times or more in the Greek NT (just over 500 words), sorted by frequency.  
Rodney Whitacre's Elements of Fluency in Reading Greek
Rodney Whitacre lists different proficiencies that students of New Testament Greek need in order to attain a level of fluency in the language.
Seventh Day Adventist Theological Seminary Study Guide for the  Greek Placement Exam
This is a study guide for SDATS, helping the assess whether students have the appropriate skills to do certain exegetical tasks in Greek exegesis courses that are offered.  
Trent Hunter's Graphical Greek
These graphic organizers are attractive and are designed to help students of New Testament Greek understand and retain the fundamentals of Greek grammar. A sample is available here. The full 24-page document costs $4.99.  

Audio and Video Recordings

Aforetaste John 1 Reading
This is a YouTube video reading of John 1.
Alfabeto Griego Clásico
This is a PowerPoint video of the Greek alphabet with a pronunciation guide in Spanish.
Andy Martin's Audio GNT
Andy Martin reads the New Testament. The entire New Testament is not finished, but all the Gospels have been completed.
Bill Mounce YouTube
Bill Mounce currently has twelve YouTube videos. Topics include the Greek alphabet, how to install flashworks, etc. 
Danny Zacharias YouTube
Bright colors and sharp videos are a mark of Zacharias' tutorials. There are quite a few topics, which include Greek word order and how to write the Greek alphabet.
Institute of Biblical Greek YouTube
John Schwandt posts videos and tips for learning the language through general patterns rather than rote paradigms. He also promotes conversational approaches.
John Simon's Greek and Latin Audio
This website is home to a complete reading of the Greek New Testament. The files are 1.3G in size, so be prepared for time to download and space on your hard drive. Click here to go direct to the download. 
Ken Berding's Greek Class Sing-Along
Ken Berding's Greek class at Biola University sings the New Testament Greek paradigms.
Ken Berding's Sing and Learn New Testament Greek
This resource contains a CD with eleven songs and a PowerPoint with paradigm charts for classroom use. It also contains a booklet with the same paradigm charts for students' personal use. The material is designed to give students a way for learning (and remembering!) New Testament Greek grammar forms through simple songs. 
Ken Schenck's Greek Infinitives Videos
These two videos are supplements to Mounce's material on Greek infinitives. 
Ken Schenck's Greek of Romans 3:21-31
Schenck reads and translates the Greek text of Romans 3:21-31.
Ken Schenck's Greek Present Participles Videos
In these videos Schenck walks through the exercises found in Chapter 27 of Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek.
Ken Schenck's Greek Pronouns Video
This is a 25 minute video overview of New Testament Greek pronouns.
Ken Schenck's Important Greek Conjunctions Video
This is a 17 minute video overview of New Testament Greek conjunctions.
Ken Schenck's YouTube
There are a number of different videos concerning New Testament Greek, especially dealing with the alphabet. 
Let's Read Greek (Additional Readings of the GNT)
Louis Sorenson has an annotated directory of online audio recordings of the Greek New Testament here.
Let's Read Greek Songs in Koine
The songs and hymns listed on this page have been translated into the Koine (New Testament Greek dialect and vocabulary) with the intent of helping students internalize their Greek. Where possible, the passages referred to in the song have been consulted in the Greek (both the OT Septuagint and NT) and the vocabulary and phraseology have been kept as close to the original texts as possible. 
Marilyn Phemister's Audio GNT
She has files for every New Testament book. Users can view individual chapter files or download them all in one single ZIP file.  
Maurice Robinson's Audio GNT
This is a reading of the Byzantine textform. Please note that the reading is of the 1991 edition, and that there are 217 variations between that and the 2005 edition, mostly regarding the main text presence (in the 1991) of certain bracketed readings which are in the side margin of the 2005 edition. Recordings can be downloaded or streamed.
Michael Halcomb's YouTube
This link takes you to Halcombe's YouTube page (directly to the Greek videos), which includes a Greek course and reviews. 
Perrin's Greek for Children Alphabet Song
This alphabet song is a supplement to Classical Academic Press' Greek for Children Primer A by Christopher Perrin.
Ted Hildebrandt's Greek Videos
Hildebrandt has made these Greek videos available online for free. There are 28 units and they can easily supplement whatever aspect of beginning Greek grammar a student is studying or reviewing. The mp3's can be downloaded here, as well as recordings of vocabulary for the Mastering New Testament Greek textbook and readings of 1John. 
The Singing Grammarian
The subtitle of this material is "Songs and Visual Presentations for Learning New Testament Greek Grammar." H. Daniel Zacharias has produced the .mov files to help all students learn their New Testament Greek. Song titles include: The Greek Alphabet song, First Declension song, Second Declension song, Third Declension song, Definite Article song, Present Active Indicative song, Present Middle/Passive song, Future Active and Middle song, Secondary Endings (Imperfect) song, Aorist Active and Middle song, Liquid Verbs song, Passive System song, (Plu)Perfect song, Imperative song, Subjunctive song, Infinitives song, and Participles song. It is available through Kregel.
Thomas Hudgins' Structural Analysis Tutorial
Have you ever wondered how to do a structural analysis of a passage in the Greek New Testament? Ever wished you could just watch someone do one right in front of you? How about this... Have you ever wondered how you could do one on your laptop or PC? Well, in this tutorial Hudgins shows you how to do a structural analysis using Philippians 1:27-28a.

Conjugation Tools

CoolJugator's Modern Greek
This is a simple Modern Greek verb conjugator, which can currently conjugate 1,080 verbs. You have to type in the first person present form of the verb to conjugate it in Greek.

Drills, Quizzes, and Exams

Gibbs' Adjective Piggy Bank Game
Match Greek adjectives to their English translation and collect coins.
Mastronarde's Drills
These drills are keyed to Donald J. Mastronarde's Introduction to Attic Greek. They include drills on accentuation, verbs, and nouns. Follow the link and select the drill that is desired on the left column.
The National Biblical Greek Exam (NBGE)
This is an online Greek exam for students and instructors. Those teaching a course in NT Greek can assign this exam to assess how their students are doing. Students can take the exam whenever they wish, and it allows instructors to customize their own course and practice exams.